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The time surrounding your wedding promises to be one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences of your life. It can also be extremely stressful! The following links are provided as a resource to help you find even more joy during this special time in your life. -- Portal site for Ms. Beneman's unique services as a licensed Wedding Officiant, therapist, teacher and writer. In addition to serving as a grounding LifeGuide, Tina teaches and writes about growing, cooking and well being.. -- A therapist in private practice, Tina Beneman is privileged to support you before and after your marriage. -- This site describes scientifically researched ways to reduce stress. As stress is the cause of most disease, you'll also receive powerful tools to safeguard yourself and the health of the ones you love. Be sure to check out the Heart Lock In technique. It's simple and takes only minutes to complete. What could be a better wedding gift to give to each other? -- This link leads you to books by Dr. Harville Hendrix, whose first book, Getting the Love You Want, created a quantum leap in couples therapy. Take advantage of the opportunity to acquaint yourself with a tool kit of proven techniques for enhancing communication and other relationship skills now - before you hit any big bumps. -- Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, authors of the groundbreaking book, Conscious Loving, offer live and internet seminar on relationship harmony and bodymind vibrance. Check out the free e-mail course that teaches ten pinciples and practices that create love, abundance and vibrant well being.

Create a ceremony as special and unique as your love.

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"People are still talking about what a beautiful ceremony it was and how perfect the vows were for us. It was the wedding of our dreams.."

- Stacy and Ross